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Vocabularies are indexed using Elasticsearch and can be indexed from a JSON source file. To manage vocabularies use the ils vocabulary CLI.

Some pre-defined vocabulary generators are available. To generate a JSON file with a list of languages or countries use:

ils vocabulary generate languages -o languages.json
ils vocabulary generate countries -o countries.json

To add vocabularies from a JSON file use the index command:

ils vocabulary index json [file1.json, file2.json, ...]

To add custom vocabularies or modify the text or data of an existing vocabulary use the same index command as above.

If you change the key attribute of a vocabulary or if you remove a vocabulary you also need to remove it from Elasticsearch. Use the delete command to remove a vocabulary:

ils vocabulary delete country  # remove all countries
ils vocabulary delete country --key CH  # remove only Switzerland

Example vocabularies are available in invenio_app_ils/vocabularies/data.

Vocabulary-specific configuration is available in and invenioConfig.js.