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CLI reference


The following document is a reference guide to the commands provided by the Invenio-CLI tool.

Note: The guide describes the functionality of invenio-cli that is used for working with InvenioILS instances.

Intended audience

This guide is intended for system administrators and developers of InvenioILS.


Following is an overview of the root-level commands in Invenio-CLI:

Command Description Supported
check-requirements Checks the system fulfills the pre-requirements. v0.19.0
init Initializes the application according to the chosen flavour (Currently only RDM is available) v0.19.0
install Installs the project locally. v0.19.0
services Commands for services management. v0.19.0

General commands


Checks the minimal system requirements are met.


  • -d, --development Check also development requirements (defaults to not checking development requirements).


Removes all associated resources (containers, images, volumes, Python virtual environment).

All data in services are lost.


Initializes the application skeleton for the chosen flavour. Currently only rdm flavour is supported and it is the default value.


  • -t, --template TEXT Path or git URL to the Cookiecutter template.
  • -c, --checkout TEXT Branch, tag or commit to checkout if --template is a git URL.


Installs the project locally.

Installs Python dependencies, creates an instance directory, symlinks the invenio.cfg, templates, static files, assets, and finally builds front-end assets.

A python virtual environment is created if does not already exists.


  • --pre If specified, allows the installation of alpha releases
  • -p, --production / -d, --development Production mode copies statics/assets. Development mode symlinks statics/assets (default).

Services commands

Commands for services management.

The services management commands intends to bring up a minimal infrastructure environment for development purposes.

Command Description Supported
destroy Destroy development services. v0.19.0
stop Stop local services. v0.19.0

The services management commands uses Docker-Compose behind the scenes, and specifically relies on the docker-compose.yml file. The containers commands instead relies on the docker-compose.full.yml file.

services destroy

Destroy development services and any data in them.

services stop

Stop containerized services.

The command does not destroy any data in the services.