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At this moment, the easiest way to preview InvenioILS is to install Docker in your machine and simply run docker-compose to start all the needed services.

If you want to develop or make changes on InvenioILS, you will have instead to follow the development installation guide.


For both previewing or developing InvenioILS, you will need GIT and Docker. See the related documentations on how to install GIT, Docker and docker-compose in your computer.

After the installation, open a terminal and make sure that you GIT and Docker are available in your path (we recommend the latest software versions but it is not required). For example:

$ git --version
git version 2.29.2

$ docker --version
Docker version 20.10.0, build 7287ab3

$ docker-compose --version
docker-compose version 1.27.4, build 40524192

Now, clone the project repository from GitHub

cd <my directory e.g. myprojects>/invenioils
git clone invenioils
cd invenioils


Make sure that you have completed the steps above. Then, in a new terminal, run docker-compose:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.full.yml up


Make sure you have enough virtual memory for Elasticsearch in Docker.


When you start the Docker services for the first time, the process will take some time. This is because Docker will build the InvenioILS images.

From the second time, starting the Docker services will take only a few seconds.

Now generate the demo data. This step has to been done only the first time or if the Docker containers have been destroyed. In a new terminal, run a shell inside the Invenio container and execute the setup script:

docker exec -it invenioils_backend_1 /bin/bash
invenio@e34cadf4b303:/opt/invenio_app_ils/src$ ./scripts/setup


If you get the error No such container: invenioils_backend_1, then it means the container name is different. Just run docker ps and find the container name under the Names column.

InvenioILS should be now running. Open your browser at the address and accept self-signed certificate warning.

Homepage Preview

Demo users

You can find the list of demo users in the homepage of InvenioILS when you run it (scroll down). Otherwise, here the list:

user email psw notes
admin 123456 super admin user, can access also to /admin
librarian 123456 user with "librarian" rights, can access to backoffice
patron1 123456 a patron user, cannot access to backoffice
patron2 123456 a patron user, cannot access to backoffice
patron3 123456 a patron user, cannot access to backoffice
patron4 123456 a patron user, cannot access to backoffice